When you download the program for the first time, you need to request the 2 week trial version option. This is required in order to make sure that the program works fine on your computer. It is not a pleasant situation when the money is paid but the software does not function properly. It is important to mention that license is generated by another program that uses license request file. This license request file is essential for license generation. This is why all license requests should include the license request files generated by the software.


USDT (TRC-20): TSA6KCYSrT1AvV8NxdTf2teReugvhX7gfC

BTC: bc1qemyzgvxthnjjkjnjh6jlv4de0w05d22ndtfph2

USDT: 0xe3Bb256B1304D198AD80D80169040EF50563016b


List of Software Tools:

Ant – free;

BankrollManager - purchase;

CombCalc - purchase;

CombCalc6Plus - purchase;

EquityCalc - purchase;

MiniMoneyTimer - purchase;

MiniPokerHandTimer - free;

MiniVppTimer - purchase;

NiceHandOmaha - purchase;

PC - purchase;

PokerCalc - free;

PokerCalcAdvance - free;

PokerICMLite - free;

PokerGame - free;

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