PokerWatchDog – Protection Against Prohibited Tools

PokerWatchDog is a light and free software for PokerStars players who tend to forget about prohibited programs.

PokerStars can block your account if you use one of the prohibited programs.

PokerWatchDog checks if your PokerStars client has any prohibited programs open. Every 5 seconds it checks is the PokerStart client is running. If the client is running, then PokerWatchDog check if anything prohibited is running and then kills it.

Fig.1 Prohibited tool is found message box

The software is packages as a zip file which contains the install file. By default the install location is C:\NewPokerSoft\PokerWatchDog\ and then enables automatic start-up. You can also choose to create a shortcut and start the program manually.

The list of prohibited programs is configured in the WatchDog.ini file

Fig.2 WatchDog.ini and the list of prohibited programs

Currently, there are three programs in the list.  The syntax is as follows and the sequence matters as well so be sure to use consequent numbers for this: 4=xxxx.exe

Once updated, there is no need to restart PokerWatchDog as the program is constantly updating its configuration. You can find the list of all prohibited programs on the PokerStart website. PokerStars.exe is supplied as well, run this file to imitate a running PokerStars client.

Please feel free to ask us any questions on our forums.

If you would like us to extend this program to any other poker room please let us know.




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