NiceHandOmaha is a helper for omaha players while playing on PokerStars, 888 Poker etc.

I. General Description


NiceHandOmaha will show you a rank of your starting hand, so you could make a better choice how to play Omaha. This includes Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, 5 Card Omaha, 5 Card Omaha Hi/Lo, Courchevel and Courchevel Hi/Lo. The kind of limit: pot-limit, non-limit, etc. The software is designed both for beginners and more experienced players. It calculates by starting hand the percentage of range, in which this hand appears. The program calculates equity on the following streets equity vs. a random hand in the current street and river, displays the number of straight outs and higher, determines the number of possible straights taking into account Hero cards blocking. NiceHandOmaha is intended to be used while playing on PokerStars. It "sees" a starting hand and board cards, makes calculation and displays it on the HUD (Head-Up Display) panel. In total, the program displays 4 HUDs per game in Omaha and the same number in Omaha hi-low.

All players are interested in the question of the program using legality when they play at the PokerStars tables. The program is in full compliance with these rules and is included in the list of tools and services that are permitted. That is screenshot. Now you need to use the tool with StarsHelper in cooperation.

Also the tool supports 888Poker. There is a letter from 888Poker support that NiceHandOmaha does not contradict 888Poker term and conditions. That is screenshot. You need to install 888Caption from its website. The tool is free up to PLO 10.

The program can be downloaded as a zip-archive. The archive contains a setup tool. A folder with program will contain quite a lot of files. They are: NiceHandOmaha.exe itself, a file with HUD controlling program – HudManager.exe, 8 text files that contain sorted starting combinations in Omaha for different cases and finally additional libraries and files. File hud_settings.xml contains the settings.

File names with combinations start with ‘oh’ for Omaha hi and with ‘o8’ for Omaha hi-lo. There are 4 files for each type of play that put in order the hands vs. a random hand, in a three player game, in a 6-max table game, and in a full ring table game. Files from ProPokerTools site are used as files with the hand ordering:

To develop these files, complex software emulation of typical situations appearing in a game was applied by ProPokerTools developers. Moreover, the game was conducted till the river based on the reasonable assumptions about opponent hole cards and on their game tactics. The approach is described in detail in the blog:

We recommend you to make a new folder for the program.

The start up screen of the NiceHandOmaha.exe is shown in Fig. 1-1

Fig. 1-1 The start up screen

Please set English language in PokerStars client as shown on the next figure

Fig. 1-2 Setting of English in PokerStars client


You need to download archive with installer and unzip it. Then you need to run installer. If installer doesn't run please download and setup Microsoft library vc-redist.x86.exe.




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