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EquityCalc - Equity Calculator in Online Poker

I. General Description

We would like to present EquityCalc program, which would help you to make wise preflop decisions. The article covers No-Limit Texas Hold'em. Let`s have a look at the following example. It is quite obvious that with a pocket pair of aces or 72о you would play good with no computer aid. In the former case you will raise constantly and want to go all-in, while in the latter case you will quietly fold. It is interesting to consider some pair of cards with medium strength.

Let us suppose you play NL10. Your pocket cards are AcJd. Your position is button. Everyone have folded except Villain who makes a raise of 3BB (big blinds) or 30. We use well-known statistical program, for example Holdem Manager 2 (HM2). We see that Villain PFR range is equal 10%. Our equity against this range equals is about 44%. That value is displayed in EquityCalс program. This gives us some information for decision making. However, we can continue and see what is going to happen if we call 30 into pot (which is now 45). Players in blind positions are expected to fold. In this case, the program gives us the expected payoff of the call: EVcall = 45*0.44 – 30*0.56 = 3 > 0 meaning that the call is beneficial.

Let`s see what is going to happen if we make 3bet of 10 BB or 100. Let`s assume that Villain has fold to 3bet 60% and he makes 4bet in 10% cases. So he is going to call in 30% of cases. We will fold if Villain makes 4bet. This is now EquityCalс calculates Villain`s call range: First, the program subtracts 60% of the worst hands from full 10% range, as Villain most certainly will fold with a bad hand. This gives us the final range of 4%. But in 10% of his best hands from 10% PFR range Villain makes 4bet. Therefore Villain`s call range against our 3bet is from 1% to 4%. The equity of 33% for this range is calculated. All these calculations are given as an example of the logic used by the program. The program calculates expected value of the bet

EVbet = 45*0.6 – 100*0.1 + 0.3*(115*0.33 – 100*0.67) = 9 > EVcall > 0.

The result is higher this time hence 3bet is more profitable than call.

Please note that the program can calculate all-in EV. In this case we enter the information as usually, considering that 4bet range of Villain = 0. Actually it is impossible to make a raise against all-in, only you can play call. In Chapter III we learn calculation all-in profit.

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