VI. Heatmap

Calculate equity for each cell in a full matrix against various ranges for one or more opponents. Displays the list of hands. Select Heatmap in the Ribbon and then in the View check the Heatmap box.

The Heatmap window will appear on the screen, which you can position as you like. In the following image, the Heatmap windows in on the right hand side.

Fig.6-1. Heatmap window

It works with board cards, dead cards as well as against multiple opponents. The calculations can be done using either the Monte-Carlo or brute-force method. We suggest using the brute force method only against a single opponent. For all other cases, we recommend using the Monte-Carlo method with 10000 rounds. These options can be found in the Evaluation window.

The preflop calculations against a single opponent is done using pre-calculated tables and is very quick (this does not take the Evaluation window into account).

Let’s have a look at a preflop example against one opponent.

We can assign a QQ+, AK range to him. In the Hero range, input h or t, and then click the button on the right of Hero. After the calculation is done, you’ll see the results in the Heatmap window.

Fig .6-2. Calculation result against a QQ+, AK range

Another example, this time with two other players. We are going to assign the 10% range to one and 20% to the other. The board cards are as follows: AcJd7h

Fig.6-3. Heatmap results against two players on flop

The colors can be customised in the Colors window.

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