Part IV. Creating your ranges

You can create your own ranges in the Create mode in the Range window. All ranges are organized as tree that have folders and ranges. You can save your ranges in the User-defined-ranges subtree, and the top NPS subtree is reserved for standard ranges.

Fig.4-1. Switching to the «Create» mode

All the options are available through the context menu which is opened by right-clicking. First in the «User-defined-ranges» node create the first header, for example, all 3-bets..

Fig.4-2. Create «3betAll» folder

Now you can add another folder above the 3betAll foler:

Fig. 4-3.Creating ranges trees

For example, another folder called «Raise», or another just below called «Call3bet». This way you can organize the ranges in a way that is convenient for you.

Besides, you organize more ranges into subfolder. In the example below, there are three subfolder for early, middle, and late positions: EP, MP, LP.

Important to note that for the ease of organization, you can create folders at the same levels rather than using the subfolder function. Simply click the newly created subfolder and then insert above and below:

Fig.4-4. Organizing subfolder

Now we can create ranges in these subfolders. We’re creating the tight and loose style ranges:

Fig.4-5. Organizing ranges

The next step is assigning pocket cards in the selected range. Simply select the range (for example, tight) and click the pocket cards in the Hand Range Hero, and then save the range. The pocket hand cards are highlighted in yellow.

Fig. 4-6. Creating ranges

You can also assign pocket cards using the slider under the matrix or using the VPIP entry field.

The program also allows creating ranges using different methods. For example, the loose range of the 3-bet is the same as the tight raise from the Early Position range. In the EP subfolder create a new range called Tight. Then open the loose 3bet EP range, select the required range and then hit save.

Fig. 4-7. Saving the existing range in a different subfolder

There is another way to create a new range. Pick the Tight Raise EP range and then click save as.

Fig. 4-8. Saving ranges as other sections of the tree

If you press on range name “tight” in Range window you can see range as text in Hands window for Hero. You can press on “+” left from “tight” and you will see range in text form and percent view as shown on next figure.

Fig. 4-9. Range description

The «Range» windows has it’s own menu. For example you can move ranges up and down within the same folder using the up and down arrows. On top of that it’s possible to export the trees into files.

The program allows for almost unlimited branches in the trees. The tree is automatically saved into the UserRanges.xml file.

After you have created your own tree, you can it for equity calculation. Simply switch to the Use mode.

Fig. 4-10. Switching to the «Use» mode

Any range can be selected then moved to the Hero section or any of the opponents.

The calculation process is described in the section III.

Fig. 4-11. Using your own ranges


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