III. How to use the program

Let’s pick a hero hand e.g. AcKc. This is done with the card images. You can pick cards in the following window:

Fig. 3-1 Hero cards

Let’s set the OP1 range as QQ+,AJ+,KQ as shown below:

Fig. 3-2 Opponent range

Now we can calculate our hand’s equity against that range on preflop in the Evaluation window. Check the Monte Carlo box and set it 20000 rounds. Then click on the evaluate button and see the result as below:

Fig. 3-3 Equity calculation

Now we can add cards to the board e.g. KdQd8s. Choose the board cards in the cards pane, then press the Evaluate button in the Evaluation pane.

Fig. 3-4 Equity on the flop

If you interested in how the opponent’s range got to the flop, click the button with color dots on the right of the Opp1 label. Below is the output window which allows you to see different opponent’s combinations by clicking the Apply button.

Fig. 3-5 Opponent range with flop combinations

Let’s assume that the opponent is going to carry on with his hand only if it is AJ of diamonds. There are three AJ combinations in the range and you need to pick one. In order to do that click on the suit selection as shown below.

Select the AJ in the matrix then the number 1 will appear in the AJ cell while the overall combination number dropped from 40 to 38. Click apply once again to see the following changes:

Fig. 3-6. Select suits for AJs

Every time you click the apply button, the matrix changes are reflected in the equity calculation results.

Now let’s add a second opponent and give him a 20% range. Then we’ll calculate our equity against the two opponents and display the second matrix. Move the matrix image and drag it to see both matrices at the same time. You can also set the hero range.

Fig. 3-7. Selection diamond suit AdJd


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