II. Program customization

Once you start the trial version, the program will look like this:

Fig. 2-1 Main window with trial license

This might not be the most convenient view for you, but it is customizable. First, let’s remove the «Output» and «Caption Bar» panes. Then move the Cards pane to the right of the Hands pane. Then you can pick Hero cards, then set the Opp1 range e.g. 10% and then click the button to the right of the Opp1. Then the hand matrix will appear and you’ll be able to move where you like. This is all done just a customization of the program. The options are endless, experiment till you find the view that you like:

Fig. 2-2 Main window is ready for use

Using the «Background Color» button you can choose a suitable background color. Right-click the “Hide Ribbon” button to free up more room. The Tree pane on the left is used for ranges management. The Equilab range means all the ranges but without the sixes and below.

All the view preferences are saved for the next time.


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