If you enter wrong values in DB name or DB password, the program will inform you about it (Pic. 5):

Pic. 5 Error DB message

If the program finds discrepancy in your credentials, you will see the next message box (Pic. 6):

Pic. 6 Error in poker room data

If all is OK, then settings window will be closed. Main window will change its appearance in accordance to the settings (Pic. 7):

Pic. 7 Window with user settings

You can now press alarm button and the session will start. Alarm button changes its shape from triangle (run button) to square (stop button) and pause button will appear (Pic. 8):

A)       B)       
Pic. 8 A) Session start, B) Pause button is pressed

Pause time is not playing time. It is a good time for coffee break! You will see the count of deal hands played and the timer will be not stopped. To stop the timer you need to press the stop button. The count will be reset to zero and you can start the timer again.

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