Menu has 3 items:

  • Settings;
  • Exit;
  • About…

Settings (Pic. 3):

Pic. 3 Settings window with default parameters

Settings window consists of 4 parts:

Database – Settings for database connection:

  • Data source – statistical program database to use this program (HoldemManager1, HoldemManager2 или PokerTracker 4);
  • Server IP – IP-address data base server (localhost by default);
  • DB name – HoldemManager data base name (HoldemManager2 by default);
  • Password – data base password (postgrespass by default).

Player – player`s account:

  • Room – poker room for current session;
  • Nickname – your login.

Appearance – view options:

  • Background – background color for window;
  • Text – text color for digits.

Alarm – alarm options:

  • Alarm – Check this box to enable the alarm. Alarm indicator will appear on the top left corner of the main window (Pic. 7) ;
  • Hands – the number of hands for the alarm;
  • Sound file – file name (or full path, if the file is not in the same directory as executable file of the program) for sound alarm (only *.wav files); if this field is empty, then default sound alarm will be used and you can listen to it by pressing button.

To save the options press the OK button (Pic. 4):

Pic. 4 User settings


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