IV. Using Program in Real Online Game

Online players are interested in programs for playing on the online tables. It is clear that in practice it is not efficient to enter a lot of information about the current game. Now the developers of the program are analyzing the possibility of reading information from online poker clients.

For now, you can use this program for fast estimation your chances the following way. Let us assume you have KsQs. You can enter your hand fast while your opponents are thinking


Fig.4-1 Hole cards enter


So opponent with PFR range = 20% raises. You, again before your move, enter 20% in field ActionOpp and press Equity


Fig.4-2 Results for Equity on PFR


We see that our equity is greater than 50%. Let us suppose that tight players seat after you who will fold to your 3bet. And raiser has any fold-equity against 3bet also. Therefore we make 3bet. Everyone else folds. If opponent makes 4bet, we will enter his 4bet range in ActionOpp and calculate our new equity as on fig. 4-3


Fig.4-3 Results for Equity against 4bet


We see that fold is the most reasonable action. But, if opponent calls, then we watch on the flop, for example Js,9s,Ad. In this case we can enter flop cards fast and opponent call range against 3bet, for example 8%. Learn our chance


Fig.4-4 Results on the flop


Now, if opponent checks, we can make bet of standard size ¾ of bank. But playing on flop and so on - that's another story. In any case, program is very useful for preflop game. The last word always rests with the player. Take into account all the nuances can only human brain. Feel you free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. Our support email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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