VI. Obtaining a license for the program

To register, click the button at the bottom center (Fig. 2-4). Then a dialog box opens as shown in Fig. 6-1.

Fig. 6-1 License request dialogue.

There is a Base level down in a License policy on Fig.6-1. You need to use Gold license for all limits on PPPoker, Upoker and PokerBros.

Level Max BB ($, €, £)
Buy-in ($, €, £)
Base 0.05 5.5

Bronze 0.16 17.6

Silver 0.5 55.0
Gold 2.0 220.0

Platinum 10.0 1100.0

Diamond All All



After that you have to click a Create Request File button. You can request a free two-week trial license of any level. After a license request file is created, send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You will receive LicenseForNiceHandOmaha.lic file, which should be placed in a folder with NiceHandOmaha.exe file.

Fig. 6-2 There is license of Gold level


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