V. 5 Card Omaha and Courchevel Poker HUDs

Fig. 5-1 Hand strength for 5 Card Omaha

Fig. 5-2 Hand strenght for Courchevel poker

For Courchevel poker, the HUD displays the power of the hand for the 5 Card Omaha against a random hand as well as against a random hand with the first flop card (flopet).

Fig. 5-3 A very strong hand on a flopet

In other situations, the Courchevel poker HUDs are the same as the 5 Card Omaha. All HUDs  for 5 Card Omaha and Courchevel poker have  the same view as in ordinary Omaha (4 cards) in flop, tern and river.

Fig. 5-4 Common view of HUDs with 5 hole cards


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